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P.I.T (Padel International Trophy)

2014 - GIRONA

Final of the PIT : Bastien Blanquet and Emmanuel Tecles VS Peter Bruijsten

P.I.T (Padel International Trophy)

2015 - LYON

Final of the PIT : Alfonso Zayas and Pedro ECARRI  VS Jeremy Ritz and Robin Haziza

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Padel Central (Lyon)

P.I.T (Padel International Trophy)

2016 - PARIS

Final of the PIT : Alfonso Zayas and Pedro Echarri Vs Emmanuel Tecles and Aitor Garcia

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Padel Horizon ( Paris )

Gaël Monfils at open of LYON

Gael Monfils in Lyon

To the Open of Lyon, Gaël Monfils, the world number 9 and n°40e player of padel French saw his road stopping near finale with his partner and champion of France of padel on 2016 Robin Haziza.

In front of favorites of the tournament, they were not far from creating the buzz, but in 1 set everywhere, we smelt at Monfils / Haziza of the fatigue who allowed then Lopes / Garcia to buckle this set more quickly than planned.

Gaël Monfils will explain us to our microphone that " padel is far from being a quiet sport physically, and even more when it is necessary to assure several matches during the day ".


" On Monday, the jogging will be compulsory to attack the training tennis ".

In any case, it seemed more sports for gaël this weekend than the team Davis Cup in Japan.

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