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Padel International, l'historique...

Padel International trading  S.L. was created in Spain, de European home of padel. Our mission is to promote the sport in the rest of Europe and help sport clubs and others by building their padel courts according to the rules of the International Padel Federation.


Padel International will manage your whole project according to your wishes. Whether you’re looking for 1 or several courts, indoors or outdoors, fixed or removable, we can deliver. We have negotiated the best prices with the manufacturers, we will get our builders to the site, organise the transport of all parts and deliver you the turn‐key project.

A court can generally be built in 4 days, and we can generally deliver within 2‐3 weeks after an    agreement has been reached.

We work with Spanish manufacturers and builders, simply because there are no (experienced) manufacturers outside of Spain. This might change in the future, but even then it will take these new companies a lot of time to reach the level of expertise and quality that Spanish companies have. Working with Padel International gives you the benefits of a personal approach and the ability communicate in your language. We will also be happy to visit you at your facilities before any commitment.



The Padel International Team

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